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2 Union Territories that appeared from 12 PM: Know the changes
Posted 31 Oct 2019 11:31 AM

Source: The Hindu

Today is a memorable day throughout the entire existence of 70 years of free India. Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, known as the heaven of the nation, have become Union Territories from today. After the administration of India incapacitated the powers of Article 370 on 5 August, Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh have become two separate states from today to 31 October. With this, numerous laws made by Parliament will be actualized in the state. Under this, there will be a gathering in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is an Union Territory. Today is the birth commemoration of Iron Man Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who has been instrumental in dividing Jammu and Kashmir in India.

A paper (Gazette) announcing Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as two Union Territories has been given by the Central Government with the mark of President Ram Nath Kovind. Jammu and Kashmir have become an association region, just as its reconstitution.

The date for the state's revamping to produce results was kept on 31 October, which is the birth commemoration of Sardar Patel, the principal Home Minister of the nation. The re-birth of Jammu and Kashmir on the birthday of Sardar Patel, an iron man who fabricated a solid India by joining 565 regal states at the hour of freedom, is noteworthy.

What has changed in Jammu and Kashmir from today?

1. Jammu and Kashmir, which stayed a full state till now, has been changed into two separate Union Territory from Thursday, 31 October. The zone of ​​Jammu and Kashmir is independent and the zone of ​​Ladakh has become two separate Union Territory.

2. Under the Jammu and Kashmir State Reorganization Act, Ladakh has now become an Union Territory without get together and an association region including Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly.

3. Till now, there was a Governor's post in Jammu and Kashmir, however, now both Union Territories will have Lt. Governors. Girish Chandra Murmu has been delegated as the Lt. Representative for Ladakh and Radha Krishna Mathur for Ladakh.

4. Presently both the states will have a similar High Court yet the Advocate General of the two states will be unique. Government representatives will have the alternative to pick both of the two Union Territories.

5. The greater part of the focal laws was not relevant in the state, presently in the wake of turning into an association region, at any rate, 106 focal laws will be pertinent in both Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh states.

6. This incorporates the Central Human Rights Commission Act, the Right to Information Act, the Enemy Property Act, and the law to counteract the harm to open property alongside the plans of the Central Government.

7. After the evacuation of the 35-A, which is the privilege of perpetual inhabitants of the state ashore and government employments, there will be a change in at any rate 7 laws identified with land in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir.

8. Under the State Reorganization Act, around 153 such laws of Jammu and Kashmir will be annulled, which were made at the state level. Be that as it may, 166 laws will, in any case stay in power in both Union Territory.

Changes in the authoritative and political framework also

9. With the rearrangement of the express, the authoritative and political arrangement of the state is additionally evolving. In Jammu and Kashmir, where the gathering has been kept up alongside the formation of an association region. When contrasted with before, the residency of the Legislative Assembly will be 5 years rather than 6 years like the remainder of the nation.

10. Alongside Scheduled Castes, presently seats will likewise be saved for Scheduled Tribes.

11. Already, 24 priests could be named in the bureau, presently like different states, beyond what 10% of the absolute individuals can not be made pastors.

12. Prior there was additionally a Legislative Council in the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, it won't occur now. Nonetheless, there will be no effect on the quantity of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha seats originating from the state.

13. Just 5 Lok Sabha MPs will be chosen from Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and one from Union Territory of Ladakh. Similarly, just 4 MPs of Rajya Sabha will be chosen from the Union Government of Jammu and Kashmir.

Political race Commission can begin the procedure of delimitation

14. It is likewise a major thing that after 31 October the Election Commission can begin the procedure of delimitation in the state. In which land, social, monetary focuses can be dealt with the populace.

15. Till now, decisions were held in 87 seats in Jammu and Kashmir. There were 4 seats in Ladakh, 46 in Kashmir and 37 in Jammu. By evacuating the 4 seats of Ladakh, there are presently 83 seats left in Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, in which delimitation is to be finished.

Gathering seats may increment in Jammu and Kashmir

As per the proposed delimitation, the Assembly of Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir may increment by 7 seats. With the expansion of 7 seats, there will be 90 seats in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. It is accepted that the seats in Jammu district will increment since it has consistently been said that Jammu doesn't get full portrayal. Jammu division has a populace of 69 lakhs, and from that point, there are 37 seats while the Kashmir valley has a populace of 53 lakhs, and from that point, there are 43 seats.

The new Kashmir whose trademark Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just given has now begun. The expectation is that Jammu and Kashmir will be liberated from the slaughter in which Pakistan and its operators have put Kashmir on. Simultaneously, the test is likewise how much time it will take for the individuals of Kashmir Valley to join this change.

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